Why are all the sessions on Saturday?

Many of the anticipated registrants are from Ottawa and the nearby area and may only be coming out for the one day. We decided to add on the Friday session for those who may be coming from out of town.

Why is the Friday session an additional fee?

We need to rent another room to host our Round Table so there needs to be an additional fee to cover that rental charge. If the group is small, the hospitality suite will be bigger! 😉

Can I just come on Friday?

No, Friday is an add-on session for the registrants who are coming to the full event.

What is the dress code for the conference?

There is no formal dress code but if you are getting a headshot taken, you will need to have your hair and makeup done yourself. We will be taking photos in the event as well.

Are the registration fees in Canadian or US Currency?

They are in Canadian! Woot! (plus applicable taxes of course)

How many people are you expecting to register?

We are expecting a room of up to 50 Virtual Assistants.

Can I bring a guest with me (I am coming from out of town)?

You can bring anyone you like but only those who have paid to attend the conference are invited to join us for the sessions. After hours activities are open to anyone who is interested!

Is there a dinner function either night?

We will arrange dinner reservations for the people who are interested in going out after the sessions on Saturday evening. Dinner is not included in the registration price, and is totally optional if you think are you tired of us already. 🙂 And yes, we also have to eat on Friday night too!

Can I help with anything?

Absolutely! Many hands make light work. We would love help on site, either Friday or Saturday. Just let us know if you are available and we’ll find you a job!

Are there breakout sessions?

Nope, sorry. We are keeping everyone all together all day! The session topics are geared towards all levels of business and there will be something for everyone!

Can I share a room with any other attendees?

For sure, let us know if you need a roomie and we can connect you!

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